The cordless drill is the perfect power tool for both amateur and professional handyman alike. Indeed, it’s as suitable for light drilling in wood, plastic and metal, as it is for precision screwing.

If you’re planning to purchase a cordless drill, then there are a number of important points to consider. Do you really need a cordless drill for instance, or will a cordless screwdriver suffice? If you only intend using the screw functionality, then the cordless screw driver is more than sufficient. It is light, compact, and can readily access hard to reach areas. If, on the other hand, you require a multi-purpose power tool, then the cordless drill is the perfect choice!

Our cordless drills are equipped with two gears for the ready switching between low speeds (for screwing) and high speeds (for drilling). The low speed provides more control when screwing, and the torque setting can additionally be adjusted to ensure that screws are driven flush into your chosen material. The high speed setting enables the cordless drill to reach a speed of 1200-1600 revolutions per minute, which is sufficient for all types of drill work.

FERM cordless drills are handy, powerful and versatile tools that, thanks to their extremely compact design, are also incredibly easy to use.