Rotary Hammers


FERM stocks a wide range of drills. The type of drill that you require depends on the task that you wish to accomplish. The rotary hammer features a special hammer mechanism, which facilitates the effortless drilling of stone. Indeed, the drill shank not only performs a rotational motion; it also moves up and down in the longitudinal direction of the drill bit and drill. Hence the rotary hammer’s characteristic hammer sound.

FERM rotary hammers adhere to the highest standards in terms of quality, performance and versatility. We stock a varied selection of rotary hammer drills. The higher the power in Watts (W), the more powerful the drill. For lighter drilling work, such as drilling small holes in wood and plastic, choose for a low power rotary hammer drill (<600W). For heavier duty jobs, including drilling large holes in solid rock, it’s best to opt for a high power FERM rotary hammer.

All of our drills come equipped with a keyless chuck, making additional tools for the quick and easy replacement of drill bits totally unnecessary. FERM rotary hammers are also supplied with a 3 metre cable and boast a soft grip side handle.