Circular Saws

Our versatile product range includes a variety of different saws: from mitre saws and circular saws, to table saws. Naturally, our comprehensive saw assortment includes the circular saw. If you’re searching for a compact saw that facilitates the quick and easy sawing of long, straight lines, then the circular saw is the ideal solution.

Equipped with a laser, the circular saw is particularly suitable for sawing perfectly straight lines in beams and boards. In addition, the circular saw can often access 45 or 90-degree angles, presenting the added capability of mitre joint cutting. Circular saws are suitable for sawing wood, including flooring, plywood and beams. The sawing of other materials requires a specialist blade.

Circular saws are available in various shapes and sizes. If you consider a fast, powerful, precise and agile saw an absolute must, then the circular saw is the perfect choice. For those who find the circular saw too large, we additionally stock the precision circular saw.